Monday, October 17, 2011

The Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour celebrates its 10th birthday

The Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour

The Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour is a 3 hour guided aerial excursion of the mid canopy of the indigenous forest providing tourists with an unequaled environmental experience which constantly endorses the importance of conserving our indigenous forests.

Tsitikamma Canopy Tour celebrates its 10th birthday

The Tsitikamma Canopy Tour, a product of Stormsriver Adventures, celebrates its 10th birthday on the 2nd of November 2011. Throughout Southern Africa they now have 6 Canopy Tour locations!

Stormsriver Adventures - responsible eco adventure tourism development

Stormsriver Adventures (Pty) Ltd was established in 1998 with the major aim to protect and sustain time sensitive afro mountain indigenous forest through responsible eco adventure tourism development. The Tsitsikamma region along the east coast of South Africa boasts some of the last tracts of unspoilt indigenous forests in Southern Africa. The threat of destructive exploitation of these forests was very real due to the poor socio economic conditions which prevail amongst the local communities.

Stormsriver Adventures committed to eco friendly adventure activities

The major challenge was to ensure that communities surrounding the forest could glean tangible socio economic benefit from this pristine environment. Stormsriver Adventures committed to the development of eco friendly adventure activities which would embrace the local communities by way of job creation, skills development and environmental awareness and education.
The most successful of these eco adventure developments has been the establishment of the Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour in 2001.

Construction phase of the Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour
The civil engineering challenges were enormous as no tree could be damaged and strict provisions were laid down by the Department of Forestry. Construction ensured that there was no intrusion in any manner whatsoever into the trees which are giant Yellow woods ranging from 200 to 600 years old. Nothing penetrates the trees and rubber pads protect the bark from damage. No nails or screws are used and decks are clamped around the trunks with protective rubber padding. All cables are padded at the contact points with the trees and expansion devices allow for the tree to grow naturally and uninhibited. During the construction phase of the Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour erosion proof horizontal “ladders” were placed on the forest floor to ensure that forest flora

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