Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My favourite sweet treat!

Exhausted after a long day distributing the Lalakoi Travel Guide

The other day after a long day on the road distributing the latest edition of the Lalakoi Travel Guide I got home exhausted and made myself comfortable on my favourite bright orange couch in my lounge. My phone rang and I had to reach for my hand bag, not very happy at that stage.

Mood changed instantly when I saw the bar of Tantinki Fudge

My mood changed instantly when in the light of the ringing phone I saw the bar of Tantinki Fudge in my bag! Funny how not even a wrong number could spoilt the moment!

Smile about a whole bar of Kahlua flavoured Tantinki Fudge all to myself

Well, what can I say? The prospect of having a whole bar of Kahlua flavoured Tantinki Fudge all to myself was surely something to smile about!

Tantinki Fudge - Perfect texture and flavour

The perfect texture and flavour with just the right amount of sugar! The prefect way to end a busy day, with a bar of Tantinki Fudge! This is one of those treats I really do not want to share with anyone!...

Get your Tantinki Fudge

Get your own bar of Tantinki Fudge! And while you are at it get one for a special friend! No wait get a couple extra as they always make a super gift! As it says on the packaging - “A nice gift for a nice person”

Tantinki is located between Wilderness & Sedgefield

Tantinki is located at the Timberlake Village between Wilderness & Sedgefield, visit them as soon as possible to share in the sweet indulgent!

For more information on Tantinki – from Dairy to Candy and contact details click here

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