Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Absolutely Perfect Water in George

Absolutely Perfect Water in George

Absolutely Perfect Water in George is one of the NEW LOOK Perfect Water Shops. They provide a clean clinical experience with absolute professionalism to all customers.

Water Purifiers, Filters, Water Fountains, Softeners and Dispensers in George

Absolutely Perfect Water in George offer a variety of purifiers, filters, water fountains, softeners and dispensers. They carry all parts on these products with extensive warranties and can service almost any water purifier known in South Africa.

Rental of Perfect Water Dispenser Range in George

The range of Absolutely Perfect Water dispensers are available on rental from the shop in George. This is deal for offices, shops or for you home. Maintenance contracts are available.

Purified, Ozonated Water in George at Competitive Prices

Absolutely Perfect Water in George offers purified, Ozonated, water to the public on a refill basis at competitive prices. They also supply bottled purified water. Bottles with personalized labels can also be arranged! Ice from purified water is available under their Perfect Ice brand.

Water Testing in George
Ever wondered about the purity of your water source? Absolutely Perfect Water George offers a water testing facility. They are equipped to test any water from any source

Flavoured Health Drink from Perfect Water George
The Absolutely Perfect Water Shop in George also supplies a flavoured health drink, Tranquillity, which supports health & wellness. They source and supply top quality nutritional supplements

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