Monday, August 31, 2009

Interior Decorating tip for September – Colour Splashes -

Expand your visual frame of reference by using colour.

Colour is the ultimate decorating tool that has the ability to create mood and atmosphere – to make us feel!

Colour is the single most powerful vehicle for creative expression – be it on the wall, as an artwork or single cushion.

Colour is pleasure – it conveys exuberance and warmth, spiritually and playfulness, the sheer joy of being alive!

Colour is food for the soul – from Mexico to Marocco, India to Africa. The sources of colour inspiration are truly global, from African stools carved in dark wedge wood to luminous Moorish tile work.

This article is brought to you with the complements of Heleen Coertze Interiors at De Brak Gallary in Great Brak River/ Mossel Bay.

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