Monday, November 11, 2013

Annalien’s Table Restaurant in George

Annalien’s Table Restaurant and Coffee Shop in George

Whether you take a break from work for a quick bite, or need to get your car washed, whether you are out on a date, or meeting up with friends or have a business meeting, we are here for you at Annalien’s Table Restaurant and Coffee Shop in George in George.

Family and Child Friendly Restaurant in George

For a family friendly experience, Annalien's Table Restaurant in George offers a relaxed indoor seating area, and for those sunny days, outside seating. We have an outdoor play area for children. Our kids’ menu offering includes a meal, drink and Kinder Joy. We do Take Aways of all menu items.

Breakfast in George

For a unique offering, Annalien’s Table in George does not only serve breakfast all day, but you can create your own. Our boerewors or cheesegriller is a must have. Breakfast also includes different savoury pancakes, omelets, wraps and tramezzini's.

Lunch and Dinner in George

For lunch and dinner at our restaurant in George you can choose between a sirloin steak, steak beef patty, grilled or crumbed chicken for your burger Our Nibble table (with create your own option) has a variety of meals, served with chips, veggies or salad. Tramezzini's, pancakes and wraps are available in lunch options. Or try our Noodles with a twist. For a healthy option have your Meal in a Glass, or fresh fruit with Yoghurt and Muesli.

Coffee Shop Treats in George

This Coffee Shop in George also serves a selection of desserts and sweet treats. Famous for our Homemade Appletart, you just have to try it. Waffles and pancakes has mouth-watering options in a treat or sweet size - Think caramel, marshmallow, chocolate spread, bar-one, lunch bar, snicker…. Or settle for a Chocolate/Vanilla ice-cream or Jelly and custard mug. Cones also available. Try our filter coffee, a unique blend to Annalien's Table, Important Italian beans are used for our espresso based coffees. A selection of Flavoured espresso based Lattes and Flavoured teas. Yoghurt ice-cream smoothies, Iced smoothies, Milkshakes in 11 different flavours.

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