Friday, July 27, 2012

Gasco Services George

Gas Refills and Exchange in George

Gasco Services in George on the Garden Route specializes in gas refills and exchange of gas cylinders. Bring your gas bottles or cylinders to the shop for a refill or exchange. They also have a delivery service and can exchange your gas cylinders at home or work.

Gas Accessories and Appliances in George

A variety of gas accessories and appliances at stocked by Gasco Services in George. If you are looking for a gas stove, heater, geyser or freezer visits Gasco for friendly advice and professional service. They also stock a wide variety of accessories including Cast Iron Pots, cooker tops, lights and more.

Repairs on Gas Appliances in George

The experienced staff at Gasco Services can also take care of repairs on your gas appliances. Whether it be a problem with you stove, fridge, heater or other gas appliance let Gasco Services fix it for you. They also stock refrigerator spares and gas.

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday: 08:00 to 17:00
Saturday: 08:00 to 13:00

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