Monday, June 8, 2009


The modern coastal home differs in character and appearance from counterparts in any area of the country.
Not only tends the style to be far more relaxed and even stripped of any pretence, but the stunning environment of the Garden Route almost dictates what is needed on the architectural and thus interior side!

D├ęcor trends are being influenced by social, political and environmental issues world wide. The challenges evolving from our sensitive environment are reflected in the eco orientated decor trends: Sisal carpets, cladding on walls and fireplaces and lamp stands of driftwood or cobblestones are just a few examples.

Due to the worldwide economical slow down, one is tempted to add an extra dash of bling during gloomy times. Silver don’t always mean glitz – Pewter platinum and pearly grey can be used to create a warm and welcoming look in the entrance hall by using the newest wallpaper available. A velour cushion cover in retro designs are also very popular!

A few important things though must be kept in mind:

* Keep the “shell” areas neutral – soft putty colours with a grey undertone
* Go for natural fabrics – too heavy materials won’t help the damp problem that we
have to keep in mind at the coastal areas.
* Soft and breezy fabrics that let air flow freely.
* American Shutters and wooden blinds works perfect in a coastal home

* Always add a wow factor in any area – either in a painting/artwork or the newest
trend - oversized photo’s
* Group objects together for extra impact
* Add bright, trendy and seasonal colours on small objects like cushions and accessories
* Traffic areas like entrance halls are ideal for adding trendy ideas for example wall
paper or painting one wall in a contrast colour
* Shabby –chic / the combination of old and new can be used very successfully in the coastal environment

Article supplied by Helene Coertze from De Brak Gallery & Heleen Coertze Interiors in Great Brak River / Mossel Bay.

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