Monday, June 22, 2009

June 2009 Interior Design ideas from Helene Coertze

A strong design message- go wild or go home!

Bring in some cheek and fun by introducing some of the following trendy suggestions in your interior environment:

* Black and white is taken a tenacious leap into the main spotlight… in everything from fabrics, rugs, wallpapers, bedlinen and flooring
* Gloss and sheen by using metallic threads, brilliantly interwoven into both natural and synthetic base fabric, for cushions, ottomans and head boards.
* Return of romance - creators of exquisite comfort – oversized chairs with names like The Orchid Sofa!

* Pattern is the thing – from wall-to-wall carpeting and rugs through to parquet. In soft flooring, it’s anything from giant florals and fashionable stripes to weird and wonderful designs reminiscent of marbled paper.
* Any colour - from exquisitely jeweled brights, stimulating blues to seductive green to give the flooring palette a glamorous and powerful design message.

* A tendency to weird and futuristic designs (see Alien Coffee table and Nouvelle
Vague’s chair and Ottoman)
* Clean Scandinavian lines and designs from before World War Two by designs from Isamu Noguchi.
* A furniture piece can act as an art piece –An “off the hook” design has the dynamic ability to make a space interesting.

* From chandeliers made of baked mud to crystals – make your choice!!

Article supplied by Helene Coertze from De Brak Gallery & Heleen Coertze Interiors in Great Brak River / Mossel Bay.

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