Friday, December 20, 2013

JFK Rentals – Car Hire in George


George Car Rentals

JFK Rentals offers you a reliable car rental service in George on the Garden Route. A selection of vehicles are available. Delivery of vehicles in and within a 30km radius of George will be free of charge. Delivery charges outside of this area apply.

SUV Rentals in George

Vehicles available for rental from JFK Rentals in George range from small sedans to SUV’s. Enjoy your freedom exploring the area at your pace with a car rental from JFK Rentals. Contact JFK Rentals for availability and rates.

10 Seater Quantum For Hire in George

For bigger groups JFK Rentals in George also offers a 10 seater Quantum for hire. This is ideal for families, staff transport and other groups. The Quantum can be rented for a self drive trip of with a driver.

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