Friday, March 15, 2013

Tea Garden at Coastal Nursery in Mossel Bay

Lynette se Plekkie and Propots

Coffee Shop in Mossel Bay

This is surely one of Mossel Bay’s best kept treasures. Lynette se Plekkie, Propots and Coastal Nursery are situated in the heart of the Mossel Bay CBD, only meters from the Mossel Bay Harbour. This charming nursery and tea garden/ coffee shop offers you a peaceful haven with a large range of indigenous plants, seedlings, fiber cement pots and a charming old world tea garden. Bring your children and let them play in our safe jungle gym with large grassed area.

Tea Garden at Lynette se Plekkie at the Coastal Nursery in Mossel Bay

Lynette se Plekkie is a charming old world tea garden on the premises of the Coastal Nursery. This cosy tea garden offers guests a peaceful break away in the hustle and bustle of Mossel Bay. The tea garden boasts with a modern yet old world décor and a relaxed atmosphere to match it. The tea garden is open for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. A great amount of detail goes into every meal prepared and cup of freshly grounded coffee served. Indoor as well as outdoor seating is available. All meals and coffees are served in old world tin cups and plate, taking you back on a memory lane to your grans kitchen. The tea garden is also available for functions such as birthday parties, for a get together as well as meetings. We also do catering.
We offer a handmade gift section in Lynette se Plekkie. The ideal gifts for any occasion!

Unique Garden Pots from Propots in Mossel Bay

Propots are known for their beautiful fiber cement pots in 42 different shapes and sizes as well as paving. These pots are durable and pretty enough to use outside as well as inside your home. All pots are made on the premises at Propots and Coastal Nursery in Mossel Bay. We will deliver in the Mossel Bay and George area on a weekly basis.

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