Monday, March 19, 2012

Die Bof Kwekery/ Nursery

Die Bof Kwekery

Die Bof Kwekery is a nursery situated in Hansmoeskraal on the outskirts of George in the Southern Cape of South Africa. They specialize in Fynbos but also offer a selection of other indigenous plants. Indigenous plants needs less water and offers you water saving gardening solution.

Fynbos Nursery in George in the Southern Cape

As Die Bof Kwekery/ Nursery specializes in Fynbos you will find that this nursery is one of the nurseries in the Southern Cape with the largest selection of Fynbos. They offer at least 20 to 30 kinds of each Protea, Pincushion, Tumbleweed (Tolbos) and Erica. A variety of other Fynbos like buchu (boegoe), patchy, phylica, bulbs and grasses area also available.

Indigenous plants available from Die Bof Nursery in George

Indigenous plants and trees are also available from Die Bof Kwekery/ Nursery in George. This includes Karee, Rivierwilger, Merlin(Soetdoring) and Pin Oak and more. Indigenous plants are adapted to local conditions they are more likely to thrive in our local climate.

Gardening Advice on how and when to plant Fynbos and indigenous plants

The friendly staff at Die Bof Kwekery/ Nursery also offers their clients gardening advice on when, where and how to plant Fynbos and other indigenous plants. They take in consideration your specific environment and conditions relating to soil type, location, slope, microclimate and personal choices.

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