Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rosenhof Flowers and Events Catering Service

Rosenhof Flowers and Events Catering Service

The Garden Route based Rosenhof Flowers and Events also offer a catering service.

Catering Service - George

Peter-John Snyman, the chef behind La Rosa Blu and Rosenhof Catering service in Waboomskraal in the George area cut his teeth in the international arena and was on the team involved in the opening of BBC Mater Chef John Torode’s newest restaurant in London, The Luxe. Peter-John describes his approach to La Rosa Blu cuisine as relatively simple and great influenced by dishes traditionally enjoyed by “normal people like you and me” around the world and in South Africa in particular. A rustic, rural, “peasant-food” influence, if you will; as can be seen in his Italian bruschetta and ciabata, French breads, sauces and cheeses, Mexican salsas and tapas. The emphasis falls absolutely on quality of ingredients

Rosenhof Flowers and Events

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