Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mongolian Grill at Leila’s Eatery in George

Dining out in George

The popular Restaurant in George, Leila’s Eatery now offers a new dining out experience

Leila’s Eatery Restaurant

The Leila’s Eatery Restaurant is open on Friday evenings for a Mongolian Grill!
This is a really fun to make your own food! Join the team at Leila’s for a great evening with fires made in “konkas”, the beautiful Outeniqua Mountains in the back ground and a relaxed farm atmosphere. The kids can play in the play park under oak trees and parents can enjoy themselves.

Mongolian Buffet Grill at Leila’s Eatery

The Mongolian Buffet Grill at Leila’s Eatery is a social and relaxing way of enjoying a meal together and Something Different. A buffet is set out with all the raw shredded veggies, sliced meat and cooked rice. Each person then selects what they would like to mix together for their own personalized meal. They then take their bowl of food to the grill and stir fry it adding various sauces and spices to their liking. For those who do not wish to cook the food themselves there is help at hand. It is a lot of fun besides being great at getting people to mix and enjoy themselves.

Year end function at Leila’s Eatery in George

The Mongolian Buffet Grill at Leila’s Eatery in George is great for end of the year functions as well as it is really a good social way of getting together.
Cost R60 p.p. A cash bar is available.

Leila’s Eatery in George
For contact details and more information on Leila’s Eatery in George click here.

Accommodation at Leila’s in George
Leila’s in George also offers accommodation should you wish to overnight!
Click here for more information

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