Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The House of Ngamathuba – Glass Factory in George

House of Ngamathuba Glass factory in George

The House of Ngamathuba Glass factory in George focuses on the creation of sustainable and viable opportunities towards empowerment through recycling. They believe that the only way to use recycling as a contributor towards the reduction of carbon footprint is to produce creative functional items that people can effectively use in their homes. Through their fieldwork they discovered that a town such as George contributes over 2 million bottles to the landfill site every year, and that is only one town.

House of Ngamathuba - unique wine glasses and tumblers

The House of Ngamathuba opened up a factory in February 2010 to produce a wide variety of wine glasses and tumblers. They have already produced more than 2000 unique glasses.

Add your company logo or other design to wine glasses

Each bottle is cleaned, sterilized and the paper labels are removed. The bottles are then cut to produce, usually, a tumbler from the lower section and a flute for a wine glass from the top. The wine glasses are completed by attaching an artistic base using UV-adhesive. In some cases the stems of the glasses are decorated with a pewter band or beadwork. Foot pieces can be designed in accordance with the requirements of each client. Your company logo or other design can also be added to the glasses!

Wine glasses and tumblers for use in restaurants and bars
The glasses and tumblers are ideal for use in restaurants, bars and accommodation establishments like guest houses and lodges.

Curios and corporate gift packs are available
Matching sets of glasses for curios and corporate gift packs are available, which will echo the green recycling theme by using recovered paper and cardboard for the packaging.
Prices range from R30 for a wine glass and R20 for a tumbler. Special prices for traders and bulk buying!

The House of Ngamathuba
For contact details and more information on The House of Ngamathuba click here

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