Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The best kept secret of the Garden Route – Jakkalsvlei Private Cellar

Garden Route Wines

This area is not actually known as a wine producing area, yet now that Jakkalsvlei Private Cellar was awarded at the South African Young Wine Show, the best kept secret of the Garden Route is out!

Jantjie Jonker

Winemaker, Jantjie Jonker is proud that 2009 was not only his seventh harvesting season, but also the second year on his own.

Awards presented to Jakkalsvlei by the National Young Wine Show

Jakkalsvlei was awarded champion Hanepoort (2009) and was awarded the HJ Etchell trophy as over all desert wine champion winemaker at the National Young Wine Show. The 2009 Mount Cuvèe (red wine cultivar) won the bronze medal at this year’s Young Wine Show. Altogether 2106 young wines of the 2009 harvest was entered into the competition, of which 17 were South African Champions and 58 were awarded as winners in their category. Gold medals were awarded to 104 young wines, 481 silver medals and 828 bronze medals. The awards were presented at an awards function held at the Goudini Spa. The function was presented by the South African National Wine Union (SANW) the Worcester and Breede River wine producing region, as well as the Agri Expo.

Wines produced at the Jakkalsvlei

Jantjie was involved at the Napa Valley in California at a distillery. He believes that his cellar still has a lot of potential and that top class wines can be produced there. Other wines produced at the Jakkalsvlei cellar include Sauvignon Blanc, Red Muskadel, Rosè (semi-sweet).

Garden Route Wines
Jantjie hopes that he will be able to bring more wines to the market and that his products will grow with the market giving the consumer a larger range of products to choose from.
The wines from the Jakkalsvlei Cellar will be available at restaurants of the Hessequa region, as well as other parts of the Garden Route.

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