Monday, May 18, 2009

Miss Garden Route & Klein Karoo 2009

Noluthando Mkhobeni, current Miss Garden Route & Little Karoo, invites all Southern Cape beauties to enter for the prestigious Miss Garden Route & Little Karoo beauty contest. Lisl Windt – photographer

BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE - The Miss Garden Route & Klein Karoo 2009 beauty pageant, in aid of regional shelters for battered and abused women, has been officially launched.

Over the last five years, the Miss Garden Route & Little Karoo beauty campaign has grown into a community driven event, combating women abuse within the Southern Cape and Little Karoo.
During the 2008 campaign, an incredible R150 000 was generated through means of ticket sale proceeds, supported by an Avroy Shlain campaign in collaboration with Egoli. These funds were donated to three regional shelters; Creating Effective Families (Mossel Bay), Phambili (George) and Malibongwe (Oudtshoorn), acting as safe havens for victims of women abuse. Funds were utilized to finance operational costs, and path the way for much needed maintenance and upgrades of available facilities. The funds were also directed in aid of the “silent victims” of women abuse; children originating from abusive households. Projects to cater for a children’s activity room and provide for educational books was successfully achieved.
Given the community successes achieved by the Miss Garden Route & Little Karoo campaign, the beauty campaign now sets out to include neglected children as beneficiaries of this community project. Dieter Voigt (ex-Mr. SA & Pasella presenter) has joined forces with Garden Route Casino and associate sponsors in aiding the plight of children abuse. Dieter plans to proactively work on his own identified projects with these children, pursuing various opportunities to ensure a promising future for them.

All proceeds generated by the 2009 edition of Miss Garden Route & Little Karoo will be donated to Creating Effective Families (Mossel Bay), Phambili (George) and Malibongwe (Oudtshoorn) in support of the valiant effort by these safe havens in answering the plight of abused women and children.

Beauty sessions will also be undertaken with ladies residing at shelters for abused women, as added motivation for restoring their dignity and pride. The public – and private sectors within the region are invited to join forces with project leaders and associate sponsors, thereby effectively addressing a social dilemma within the Southern Cape community.

Apart from the immense community value of the campaign, the Miss Garden Route & Little Karoo beauty pageant in itself has developed into the social highlight on the events calendar of the Southern Cape and Little Karoo. The Miss Garden Route & Little Karoo gala evening promises to be the highlight, boasting with a showcase of natural beauty and breathtaking fashion. Furthermore, the venue for the event has been moved to the world renowned Pinnacle Point Beach & Golf Resort, adding even more glitz and glamour to the gala evening. Beauty queens from across the region and designers in search of the ultimate spotlight are thus called upon to join the exposé of local beauty and creative genius.

For more information contact Tryana Potgieter (Event Organizer) at 044 606 7777 or e-mail

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