Thursday, April 23, 2009

Victoria Heights Reptile and Bird Park and Super Tube

The Victoria Heights Reptile and Bird Park is located just outside of George on route to Victoria Bay. Here you will be taken on a very interesting tour that is both informative and educational.

Reptile Park
The Reptile Park houses a large variety of reptiles in their natural habitats.
Amongst the reptile there are Anacondas of more than 5 meters long, Cobras, Rattle Snakes, a Bullfrog, “Boomslange”, Likewane and more!
To much delight of young and old the Reptile Park is also home to a talking crow, small birds, monkeys and farm animals like goats and rabbits and more!

Bird Park
Exotic bird species, Loeries, more than 50 species of doves, and a variety of Swans, Geese, Ducks, Sparrows and many more species can be seen.
The owner of the Park has been breeding Show Poultry for the past 32 years. A number of South African Champions was bred by him and many of these are also residents of the Bird Park.

Super Tube
At 8,5 meters high the Super Tube is one of the highest in South Africa. This is 2,5 meters higher than the standard Super Tube!
The Super Tube and picnic area is perfect for those hot days! Picnic tables and umbrellas are placed around the Super Tube.

For more information on the Victoria Heights Reptile and Bird Park and Super Tube click here

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