Monday, March 2, 2009

International Museum Day on the 18th May 2009 at the George Museum.

It is an event that we are celebrating every year whereby we invite schools in George to come and partake in the event. This year's theme is "Tourism and Museum".

The different schools partake on the programs we have for the day which will be Traditional & Modern dance, Gumboots dance, Poetry and Praise Singer (Imbongi).
The schools will participate in their own language. Together with the Tourism and the Transport Museum in George, the Grade 10’s are invited to visit the Transport Museum on 19 to 22 May for a guided the tour. The main focus will be the tourism learners at the different HIGH Schools, and the entrance will be free!

Enquiries can be directed to the George Museum on Tel: 044 8735343
Click here for more information on the George Museum.

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